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Parenting Life

The good, the bad, and the totally childish (the parents, I mean.)

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My Existential Life

A stout cup of joe and a rambling rant about the meaning of life (mine, anyway) is an excellent way to start your day.

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What is Good Enough?

It’s not giving up, it’s easing up.

It’s not an end to trying, it’s finding peace in the present.

It’s not a lack of motivation, it’s knowing that here is the place to start with little successes.

On my first date with my husband, he sealed his fate when after hours of conversation he said of the world and it’s clamoring for material things, “when did good enough stop being that?”

Good enough is a phrase that may be met with resistance, with the judgment that someone is giving up or making excuses. But perhaps contentment is not a dirty word, just a big exhale in a world that seems to be turning blue in the face. Maybe there is value in simplifying, of wanting what you already have and having just what you need. And maybe it can be a hell of a lot easier than we make it.

Join me on my journey to Good Enough.